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CloudCon II Focuses on Cloud for Integration, ERP, BPM, SaaS, Sept 2

Executives from IBM’s Cast Iron Systems, SAP, Metastorm, Pervasive Software, OpSource and Informatica are scheduled to speak at CloudCon II on September 2, and present technology overviews, case studies and even preview future editions and vision for how cloud is improving enterprise IT. 

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Boomi Eases Data Mapping with Power of Cloud, Community

Boomi’s latest upgrade to its AtomSphere cloud integration platform marries the power of cloud and community to make data mapping easier and more productive. IDN looks at Boomi’s Atmopshere Summer '10 release, which includes a ‘suggest’ feature to let customers tap the expertise of some 5,000 data mapping projects.

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IBM Seeds Cloud for B2B Integration

IBM continues with projects to ‘seed the cloud’ for mission-critical B2B integration.  Just weeks after acquiring cloud appliance integrator Cast Iron Systems, IBM said it will buy longtime B2B provider Sterling Commerce, and will work with Ariba to tie their B2B offerings with IBM LotusLive for better cloud-based deal-making. 

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IBM, Cast Iron Deal Opens New Chapter in Cloud Integration

IBM’s acquisition of Cast Iron Systems will bring a new level of automation and accuracy to cloud integration, and in so doing open a new chapter in IBM’s plan for enterprise-caliber cloud integration for public, private and hybrid models. Integration Developer News spoke with many key execs involved in the deal. 

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i365 EVault Looks To Help Onramp ISV Software to Cloud, SaaS

i365 Inc. is debuting its EVault Cloud-Connected Services Platform, a cloud platform that lets independent software vendors (ISVs) securely and efficiently send data to the cloud and provide their own SaaS offerings.

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Boomi's Cloud-Based Integration May Signal VAN-less EDI

Cloud computing is taking a bite out of expensive and entrenched VAN-based EDI services. Cloud-based integration PaaS Boomi is providing ASP Global Services, a supply chain SaaS firm, reliable and high-visibility EDI integration and management services.  EDI success may signal a huge uptick in on-demand integration from the cloud.

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Linxter Delivers SQL Server Integration Via Cloud

Linxter Inc. is delivering open source Microsoft SQL Server integration service via the cloud. Under Linxter’s offering, .NET developers and DBAs can use current .NET skills to connect distributed applications and systems with their SQL servers – without the need to build or expose web services.

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Siemens Deploys Cast Iron Integration Enterprise-Wide

Siemens Energy Inc. is expanding its use of Cast Iron Systems' Integration Solution appliance throughout the enterprise. Based on an early success with Cast Iron's integratation appliance technologies, Siemens looks to cut costs to maintain and update their integrated systems, as well as combat degraded performance.

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